Aviation Career Night Brings Aviation Professionals, Students Together

The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies hosted over 75 leaders from the aviation industry at its third annual Aviation Career Night, held in the Blackwell Ballroom on February 5.

Despite poor weather, the event was attended by over 100 aviation students, faculty, and alumni. Numerous leaders present were Ohio State alumni as well. Many companies local to the Columbus area were represented, including NetJets, Lane Aviation, L Brands, Cardinal Health, and Landmark Aviation. Representatives from companies such as FedEx, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, as well as the U.S. Navy and Air Force were also in attendance. In total more than 40 companies and organizations were represented.

Dr. Seth Young, Center for Aviation Studies director, opened the evening’s discussion with comments about the state of the aviation industry. According to Young, there is a general consensus among leaders that the aviation industry is entering a period of sustained growth, and that the aviation program at Ohio State is enjoying increased student enrollment as well as the full support of Dr. David Williams, Dean of Engineering.

A panel discussion, moderated by James Oppermann, CAS lecturer, followed Dr. Young’s opening remarks. On the panel were Susan Dugan, of FlightSafety International, Neil Hathi, of InterVistas, Tricia McGuire, of AircraftLogs.com, and Matt Tallarico, a Southwest Airlines captain. The panel unanimously stressed the importance of following a career that you are passionate about, and cited enthusiasm, flexibility, and the ability to engage in effective written communication as key traits sought by the industry in potential hires.

Captain Tallarico, an Ohio State alumnus who spent several years instructing at Ohio State, spoke to the pilot shortage hitting the regionals, and advised students to get as much experience and certifications as possible to be marketable to the next level in aviation.  

Following the panel’s thoughts, representatives from other companies present were invited to speak. Adam Stiffler, from Cardinal Health, advised students become as well rounded as they can; welcome news for Ohio State students, who are able to combine their flight education with degrees in business, engineering, and arts and sciences.

After the panel, students were able to speak one to one with the aviation professionals present. This networking opportunity provided students with valuable insight into the aviation industry as well as potential internship and employment opportunities. “I was fortunate to make contact with several people who will undoubtedly prove to be good relationships in the future,” said Josh Fisher, a senior aviation student in the Fisher College of Business. 

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Applications Available for 2014 Aviation Student Awards

Application packets are currently available in the Center for Aviation Studies offices (address below) and in the flight school.  Hard copies only  of the completed application packet will accepted and must be turned in to Ken Henderson at the CAS office. 
Deadline:  March 7, 2014
Center for Aviation StudiesAttention:  Ken Henderson
Bolz Hall, Suite 228
2036 Neil Avenue
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio  43210 

The NetJets Scholarship Fund Award
($1,000) will be awarded to an aviation major with the focus of study in aviation management. Consideration for this award will be based on class standing (junior or senior), cumulative GPA (at least 3.0) and a cover letter.
The First Year Aviation Student Award ($1,000) will be awarded to a student in or completing their first year and pursuing an aviation degree. Consideration for this award will be based on class standing (first year, less than 30 semester hours completed), cumulative GPA (at least 3.0), and a cover letter.
Aviatrix Award ($1,000) will be awarded to a female student aviation major. Consideration for this award will be based on cumulative GPA (at least a 3.0) and a cover letter.
Hillsdale Collegiate Aviator Award ($1,300), to be awarded to an aviation major pursuing aircraft systems/professional pilot area of concentration. Consideration for this award will be based on degree program (Aviation, Aircraft Systems), cumulative GPA (at least 3.0), scores on FAA written exams (at least an 85 average), cover letter, and a recommendation from flight instructors.
Center for Aviation Studies Graduating Senior Award ($1,000), to be awarded to a graduating senior aviation major.  Consideration for this award will be based on class standing (graduating senior with copy of application for graduation signed by advisor), cumulative GPA, class ranking, and cover letter.
OSU Aviation Alumni Society Aviation Student Leadership Award ($500) will be presented to an Ohio State junior or senior aviation major.  Consideration for this award will be based on extraordinary leadership in an Ohio State aviation student organization,* as evidenced by the applicant’s cover letter that includes a paragraph describing how the applicant’s leadership in the organization was demonstrated.  Satisfactory academic performance is presumed.  Leadership Qualities:     Leadership has been defined as the ability to motivate others to willingly follow a vision and act upon it to achieve the vision.  Leadership qualities include: integrity, perseverance, magnanimity, humility, openness, creativity, fairness, assertiveness, sense of humor, intelligence, self-confidence, and effective communication. Application Procedure: completion and submission of the current Center for Aviation Studies Student Award Application. The applicant’s cover letter accompanying the application must respond to the components listed in the application and, in addition, include a paragraph describing how the applicant’s leadership in the organization was demonstrated.  The cover letter shall not exceed two pages.
* OSU Aviation student organizations establishing student eligibility for the award can include:  (1) Alpha Eta Rho, (2) American Association of Airport Executives, (3) OSU Flight Team, (4) Women in Aviation International, (5) National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) national student officers (during the year that the SAFECON is hosted at OSU).




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Ohio State Aviation Students Help Spread Good Cheer

On December 7th, 2013, four aviation students from The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies (CAS) took part in Operation Good Cheer 2013 (OGC). Professional pilot students John Ginley, Christine Zavodnik, Justin Abrams, and aviation management student Joshua Fisher, were just four of over two hundred volunteer pilots participating in the annual charity event, which is coordinated by Child and Family Services of Michigan, Inc. Through the generosity of many donors and the hard work of hundreds of volunteer pilots, ground crews, and other organizations, over 15,000 gifts were transported to almost 5,000 infants, children, and teens who reside in foster care, as well as adults with disabilities.

OGC bases its operation in Pontiac, Michigan at the Oakland County International Airport (PTK). Each year, the Pentastar FBO at PTK accumulates the thousands of presents in one of its hangars, to be loaded onto everything from Cessna 150s to Gulfstream G-550s and flown to every corner of Michigan in one day. Aircraft arrive at PTK in a fashion similar to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, with multiple aircraft landing on a runway at a given time. Once on the ground, pilots park their aircraft, receive their assignments (where they are going with their load of gifts), load the presents, and take off for their destinations.

John Ginley, already an accomplished volunteer pilot, was the lead organizer of Ohio State CAS taking part in OGC-2013. Ginley had taken part in OGC before, and had also flown as a volunteer for Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue. “I learned of Operation Good Cheer after I became a private pilot, and I was looking for two things: building hours and helping others through my gift of aviation,” said Ginley. This year, Ginley decided that a great way to help out OGC would be to partner up with the CAS in order to fly two aircraft to assist in Pontiac.  Ginley and  Fisher were at the controls of Scarlet 6, one of the Piper Arrows in the fleet.  Zavondik and Abrams took command of Scarlet 84, one of the Cessna 172s.

The weather for the trip was absolutely beautiful. The temperature was the only thing that caused any complaining. Temperatures for most of the day were in the low teens. Nevertheless, the Buckeyes were able to take off out of Ohio State after a hectic dance of pre-heaters and cold-start procedures. Scarlet Flight arrived at PTK among dozens of other OGC aircraft. Once they parked their aircraft, Ginley, Abrams, Fisher, and Christine received their assignments, which was to fly a load of presents northwest to Owosso, Michigan, and a load of bicycles south from there to Hillsdale, Michigan. After some pizza, coffee, some friendly aviation banter, and more cold-start woes, Scarlet Flight took off from PTK en-route to help make Christmas more special for some youngsters around Michigan. They were even fortunate enough to meet with the local community members as they delivered the presents. “They were so excited to see us! Each town was very receptive, and it was great to see the smiling children come to meet us at the airplanes,” recalled Abrams.

As the day drew to a close, Scarlet Flight returned to Ohio State. “The flight home was absolutely beautiful. It was a great reminder of exactly why I find my passion in aviation” noted Fisher. When asked about her experience with OGC, Zavodnik replied, “It was just so amazing to see so many people unite under a passion for aviation in order to help make the holiday season just a bit better for some of those who need it the most.” Ginley says he plans to take part in OGC 2014, and he hopes that he can once again lead a team of Buckeyes to Pontiac. Until then, December 7th, 2013 goes down as a logbook entry that four Buckeye aviators will not forget.

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Metro School Students Study STEM through Aviation

 On December 9, 2013, The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies hosted 120 middle school students from the Metro Early College High School at the Ohio State Airport.  The students, grades 6-8, visited the airport as part of a school project in which they were tasked with designing an unmanned passenger aircraft and studying the logistics of its operation. In their final presentation, students presented vital statistics of their aircraft – capacity, weight, cruise speed, fuel consumption; their flight itinerary; as well as a discussion of the history and future of unmanned flight.

After being contacted by the Metro School at the start of the project, Ohio State Airport Director Doug Hammon suggested the project focus on unmanned flight. Jonathan Denison, a graduate assistant at the Center for Aviation Studies, assisted in suggesting appropriate calculations, such as fuel consumption and aircraft weight, for the students to perform. “The goal was to come up with relevant figures that middle school students would be able to calculate,” said Denison.

Students toured the airport as well as the Ohio State University Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratories. In addition, students attended a lecture on basic flight principles and career opportunities within the aviation industry. The tours and lecture were provided by The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies. “I was very impressed with how engaged and knowledgeable the students were,” said Cameron Utsman, a student assistant at the Center for Aviation Studies. “Each group of students we spoke to had a basic understanding of Newton’s laws of motion and the four forces of flight. That’s exciting to see at the middle school level.”

The Metro School opened in 2006 as an Ohio STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) school open to Franklin County high school students. The Metro School defines itself as, “a small and intellectually vibrant learning community designed to serve students who want a personalized learning experience that prepares them for a connected world where math, science and technology are vitally important,” per its website, and focuses on providing early college experiences and subsequent college success to its students. It now operates as an independent state of Ohio public STEM school.

Recently, The Metro School became the fifth Ohio STEM school to open its doors to middle school student, according to a Columbus Dispatch article. Students enrolling at the middle school level could potentially be taking college courses as early as tenth grade under The Metro School’s academic model, which advances course levels per students’ mastery of the material, regardless of their grade level.

According to its website, The Metro Early College High School’s governing board includes three representatives from Ohio State, three from Battelle Memorial Institute, two from Columbus City Schools, and one from the Education Council Board of Franklin County.    

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Winning Ways Continue for Ohio State Flight Team

The Ohio State University Flight Team has returned from Region III SAFECON hosted by Western Michigan University with an excessive amount of hardware. The Ohio State Flight Team placed 2nd overall in the Championship Trophy and took the 1st Place honors as the Flying Events Champions.  The team also placed 2nd in the Ground Events Championships.  “Weather played a lot of havoc during the competition, but the Buckeye aircraft and pilots proved once again that they are a quality flight education program with the amount of pilots that helped the team score,” said Scott Van Ooyen, Southwest Airlines captain and Flight Team coach.

“Special congratulations to team captain John Ginley, senior in aviation engineering, who scored the most points and is the Region III Top Pilot,” commented Van Ooyen. “I’m going to have to check the archives, but I believe Team OSU has captured this title consecutively for the previous 6-7 SAFECONs,” he added. Ginley also took first place in the navigation event, along with co-captain Josh Fisher, senior in aviation management at Fisher College of Business.  Fisher brought home the first place award in Aircraft Recognition.

The goal of the flight team is to sharpen mental and practical skills related to aviation and to build the next generation of pilots and other aviation professionals. The Flying Buckeyes participate in flight/ground-based intercollegiate competition with aviation schools across the country via the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA).

A few highlights from the week.

 Navigation Event

  • 1st Place     John Ginley (senior, aviation engineering/Joshua Fisher senior, aviation management, Fisher College of Business)

 Power Off Landings

  • 2nd Place    John Bauchmoyer (senior, Arts and Sciences, aircraft systems)
  • 3rd Place     Justin Abrams (senior, aviation engineering)
  • 8th Place     John Ginley

 Short Field Landings 

  • 2nd Place    Ben Gaddy
  • 3rd Place    John Ginley
  • 4th Place    Justin Abrams

 Computer Accuracy      

  • 3rd Place    Ben Gaddy (senior, Arts and Sciences aviation management)
  • 3rd Place    John Ginley
  • 6th Place    Justin Abrams
  • 9th Place    Tom Harmon (junior, aviation engineering)

Aircraft Recognition         

  • 1st Place    Joshua Fisher
  • 6th Place    Ryan Elkins (junior, aviation engineering)

Ground Trainer       

  • 4th Place    Joshua Fisher
  • 5th Place    John Ginley
  • 6th Place    Ben Gaddy

 SCAN test

  • 5th Place     Ben Gaddy

Preflight Event             

  • 4th Place     John Ginley
  • 7th Place    Alyssa Manning (senior, aviation engineering)

 Top Pilot                   

  • 1st Place    John Ginley
  • 4th Place    Tie,  Justin Abrams and Ben Gaddy
  • 9th Place    John Bauchmoyer

The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies is honored to be hosting SAFECON 2014, the national Flight Team competition, at The Ohio State University Airport from May 10-18, 2014.  To find out more about SAFECON, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFVZcchA5l8 to watch a video produced by Utah Valley University that provides a great overall look at the happenings at The Ohio State University Airport at SAFECON 2013.


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PEGASAS Annual Meeting

FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation

Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability

The 1st Annual PEGASAS Meeting will be hosted by The Center for Aviation Studies.  The meeting will be held September 16-19, 2013 at the Blackwell Hotel & Conference Center.  A number of briefing sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, September 18th to highlight the active PEGASAS projects, as well as to highlight developing projects.

For more information download the PEGASAS Annual Meeting program.

To RSVP for the event please visit http://www.pegasas.aero  

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Students & Faculty Represent CAS in South Korea

Four OSU students and CAS Lecturer Martin Rottler had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea as participants in Korea Aerospace University’s International Summer Program in June and July. While there, students had the opportunity to learn, live, and experience Korean culture and aviation coursework alongside students from 19 universities around the world—from as far away as India, Australia and the UK.

Hosted on the campus of Korea Aerospace University in Gyueonggi (just outside of Seoul), the four week International Summer Program gave students the opportunity to spend three weeks enrolled in two intensive aviation courses per day taught by experienced aviation faculty in English. They also had the opportunity to hear from guest speakers, including a Korean Air A380 captain. During the fourth week, students had the opportunity to take behind-the-scenes tours of the Incheon International Airport and the headquarters of Korean Air. There were also many opportunities for the students to experience local culture and cuisine through formal and informal activities planned by the university. Highlights included visits to the Trick Eye Museum, a comedic Tae-Kwan Do show, and at least one baseball game.

As an added part of the program beyond the four weeks, Timothy Phua, a Center for Aviation Studies student from Singapore was selected in a competitive application and interview process for an internship experience at Korean Air. He will be sharing more about his experience in a future article.

CAS Lecturer Martin Rottler served as a Guest Professor for the International Summer Program, teaching two courses and working to continue to build upon existing relationships between Korea Aerospace University and the Ohio State University. He also had the opportunity to visit and speak to students about OSU and the CAS at Hanseo University’s aviation program in Taean, a city two hours outside of Seoul. Dr. Kangseok Lee, visiting professor at OSU from 2012-2013 served as a tour guide and facilitator of a new relationship between the two universities. The Center for Aviation Studies looks forward to continuing to build cooperation and opportunities for its students in South Korea for the future!

For more information about international opportunities through the Center for Aviation Studies, please reach out to Martin Rottler (rottler.1@osu.edu) or Dr. Seth Young (young.1460@osu.edu)

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Ohio State Aviation Hosts Middle and High School Students Interested in Engineering-Related Careers

“Flying a plane is officially the coolest thing I’ve ever done,” commented one of the high schoolers participating in an introductory flight lesson at The Ohio State University Airport.

Upwards of fifty middle and high school students had the opportunity to view the Columbus area from the sky as part of several events in July, hosted by The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies (CAS). Students visiting the Ohio State University Airport  were from WiE RISE, a six- day residential summer camp focused on engineering and engineering-related careers, as well as students from The Columbus Ace Academy, sponsored by The Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) and The Ohio Memorial Chapter of The Tuskegee Airmen.  Besides participating in introductory flight lessons, the students took simulator lessons and toured the air traffic control tower as well as the terminal.

“The introductory flight lessons give the student pilot an opportunity to operate the controls with guidance of the flight instructor,” explains Candi Roby, OSU Airport Chief Flight Instructor.  “There are two sets of flight control instruments, and the flight instructor is at the controls at all times.”   Students also learned about operating the flight controls before their intro flights by getting into the aircraft in the hangar and in the Redbird flight simulator.   Most of the students had never piloted an airplane before, but they seemed fearless about their new experiences, according to their flight instructors. 

Summer ACE Academy
is a nationally recognized program co‐sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE). The purpose of Aviation Career Education (ACE) is to offer first level exposure to the aviation industry by providing aviation career exploration for middle and high school students. Academy participants learn about aviation history, theory of flight, team building, and other aviation related subjects. Besides visiting the Ohio State Airport, students have the opportunity to go on field trips to aviation facilities, museums and participate in other hands on activities designed to give students a total aviation experience.

is designed to introduce participants to a variety of areas and career opportunities within the larger engineering field. Each day, students participate in two to three academic sessions led by engineering faculty, staff, and graduate students. These sessions involve brief presentations and interactive demonstrations as well as fun, hands-on activities. This camp is offered by The Ohio State University College of Engineering’s Women in Engineering Program, and RISE stands for respected, involved, skilled, empowered.

 “I think spending the evening at the OSU airport really opened the eyes of many of the young women from WiE RISE to the possibility of an aviation career, said Josh Fisher.  “They found out that no matter what type of engineering they pursue, whether it is aerospace, mechanical, or even bio-molecular, they could have a very exciting future in the world’s most dynamic and innovative industry.”  Shawna Fletcher from WiE commented that for many of the students, the opportunity to fly an airplane is one of the highlights of their week.

In addition to visiting the Ohio State Airport, WiE RISE participants also went to the university’s Center for Automotive Research and Honda of America Research & Development, located in Marysville, Ohio.

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SAFECON 2013 Results

The best and brightest in collegiate aviation returned to The Ohio State University Airport in May to display their talents at the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON). The Ohio State University Flight Team finished 7th overall out of a field of 29 competition teams.  They placed a solid 4th in the Ground Events Championship.  The Ohio State team was just a few points away from 5th place,  but some weather issues and logistical planning (i.e. amount of day light) prevented two of the three navigation teams from competing this year.

Team Captains Anthony Pentz and Alex Mulac brought home a bigger percentage of hardware this year. Anthony placed overall as fourth in Top Scoring Contestant.  The Preflight domination continues with Alex taking first place and Anthony second place.  Anthony also placed second in the Aircraft Recognition Event and Ground Trainer event. Overall the team of 10 members represented the Buckeyes in good fashion. 

The SAFECON was a big success judging by the schools’ and judges’ comments throughout the week.  The Ohio State University and The Center for Aviation Studies are also going to be hosting the 2014 NIFA SAFECON in May of next year.  The students running this year’s conference did an outstanding job and truly went above the standard in the organization and execution of the event.  The OSU Airport staff and Air Traffic Control Tower once again proved why Ohio State is the place to be when hosting a SAFECON. 

This year was the first year for Utah Valley University to compete at a National SAFECON.  They brought a film crew along to document the event.  Click on the link below and watch a video capturing the week of SAFECON.  It  brings back memories to all who competed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFVZcchA5l8

For more about this year’s SAFECON, go to The Columbus Dispatch article and video at http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2013/05/11/top-flight-teams.html.

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Aviation Student Recognition and Awards Banquet Honors Achievements

On April 17, 2013, Ohio State aviation students and their families, as well university staff and professionals from throughout the community, gathered at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center for the University’s second annual Aviation Night. The evening started out with a poster session where guests learned about Center for Aviation Studies research, student organizations, student internships, and as well as capstone projects.

The aviation capstone course poster was staffed by senior students Andrew Akers, Wilad Nefta, Kyle Quinn, Anthony Pentz, Ben Gaddy and Connor Sabbatis. A NetJets internship poster outlined the work that students Kyle Quinn, Christine Zavodnik and Brett McCabe did for the company from October 2012 through February 2013. Ohio State’s co-ed aviation fraternity, Alpha Eta Rho, was represented by student member Alyssa Manning. Student organization American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) was represented by student officers Jordan Brown, Genevieve Zanin and Samantha Besancon.  Several posters were presented which outlined CAS funded research.  Wei Zhang’s poster was titled “ADS-Based Conflict Detection for UAD Integration in Next Generation Air Traffic Management System”; Kejing Peng’s was titled “Evaluating the Integrated Accessibility and Catchment Areas of US Airports.” Finally, there was a poster for the Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory, presented by Katy Walker and David Woods.  In addition, CAS displayed a poster featuring the Center’s involvement in the FAA Center of Excellence For General Aviation.  The Aviation Student Recognition and Awards Banquet followed the poster session.   the 90 attendees , including 37 CAS students, were greeted by Dr. Seth Young, Director of the Center for Aviation Studies at Ohio State, and were provided with a catered dinner. Guest speaker Rich Wrona of NetJets’ service and operations department took the stage. He explained that NetJets recently constructed a new building, purchased a new fleet of airplanes, and is slowly introducing and implementing new technologies in an effort to improve operations. He resolved that keeping up with technological advancements and preparing for the future is a crucial part of running a business, and he applauded students for taking the same kind of initiative in preparing for their futures by going to school and receiving a higher education. “If I can give you any advice,” he said, “I guess the biggest thing I can say is to continue to diversify. In some ways, the learning is just beginning… be ready for that opening, whatever it may be.”

After Wrona stepped off the stage, Dr. Seth Young returned to honor those students who had been awarded. Junior Joshua Fisher received The NetJets Scholarship Fund Award, which was given to an aviation major with a focus of study in aviation management. Freshman Isaac Marchal received The First Year Aviation Student Award, which was given to a student in or completing his or her first year and pursing a degree in aviation. Junior Christine Zavodnik was awarded the Aviatrix Award, which was given to a female aviation major. Sophomore Justin Abrams received the Eddowes Aviation Engineering Fund Award, which was given to an aviation major in the College of Engineering, preferably performing research or doing a study in aviation safety. Sophomore John Ginley was awarded the Hillsdale Collegiate Aviator Award, which recognized an aviation major with a focus of study in aircraft systems/professional pilot area of concentration. Senior Samantha Besancon received the Center for Aviation Studies Graduating Senior Award, which was awarded to a graduating senior aviation major. Finally, senior Alex Mulac was given the OSU Aviation Alumni Society Aviation Student Leadership Award, which was awarded by the Aviation Alumni Society to a junior or senior aviation major.

Aviation Night was a successful gathering of aviation students and professionals. Student recognition and encouragement, as well as feeling of enthusiasm for the both the field of aviation and the university itself were main focus points of the evening. Speaker Rich Wrona might have said it best when he passionately stated, “I’m very proud of my education from The Ohio State University, and you guys should be too. Remember where you come from, and remember to return every now and again.”

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