Adult Tours

The OSU Airport/CAS Outreach staff is happy to accommodate adult groups. If your group would like to schedule a fly-in, tour,  or plan another activity, please call (614) 688-1432 for more information.

In addition to offering activities for adult groups, we hold an Annual Red Cross Blood Drive.

OSU Airport Observation Tower

The Observation Tower in the terminal at the OSU Airport is open to the public for viewing the ramp and runways of the airport from 7am to 11pm.

The  Observation Tower, originally the Air Traffic Control Tower, has been very popular with airport visitors for many years.  As an observation post, it provides 360ᵒ view of the airport and flight line.  Children and adults can enjoy watching the flow of the airport while listening to the Airport Control Tower over the radio.  While in the tower, visitors can sign a logbook.  During the past three years, visitors have shared over 300 unique addresses spread out over the entire United States as well as from various other countries.  We have received comments from adults, families with young children, and even pilots who trained at KOSU in the 1940’s.  To view an interactive map that shows all of our visitors locally and across the world, click here.

One visitor wrote, “I used to fly out of here when this observation tower was the actual control tower and we tied our Cessna 180A on tie-down #3 in the grass just north of this tower.  It brings back wonderful memories.  Thanks for opening it up for the public to use.  It makes an easy, safe observation point.”

Another family wrote, “We have loved to come here for the last two years with our four year old.  Good family fun.”  A local family’s comment about The Barnstormer Restaurant at the OSU Airport was, “We had a great meal at The Barnstormer and then thoroughly enjoyed watching planes come in and out, and listening to the control tower.  We love this! Thank you!”

If you visit the tower, please feel free to add to our visitor’s logbook and continue to expand our OSU Airport community. For directions and more information about the OSU Airport, go to






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