Degree Programs

Why The Center for Aviation Studies?

At The Ohio State University students can earn an Aviation degree through one of the Center of Aviation Studies’ various degree programs. In addition to students industry professionals and the general public can take advantage of the University’s vast resources to learn how to fly or to advance their aviation career.

Due to our size, location, and available resources, The Ohio State University offers a number of educational advantages for students seeking to lead, develop, and operate tomorrow’s safe and efficient global aviation system:

  • An Instructional Staff with expertise in all aspects of the Aviation industry
  • Industry Partners leading to direct exposure to industry professionals and internship opportunities
  • A full-service General Aviation Airport with an air traffic control tower, radar service, maintenance facilities, and precision and non-precision approaches
  • Training Aircraft ranging from the Cessna 152 to the sleek Cirrus SR20
  • An active Research community housed in world-class facilities 

Class Locations
With the exception of flight labs, Aviation 4400 (Airport Management), and Aviation 5300 (Airport Systems, Planning, Design, and Development), all aviation classes are held on main campus. Flight labs are not required for aviation management students. Flight labs are required for the Professional Pilot specialization and are held at the airport. All ground schools and other required classes are held on main campus. 

Degree Programs
The Ohio State University offers both 
Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees  in Aviation, with specialties in Aviation Management and Air Transportation. An Aviation Minor is also available. Depending on the student’s interests, degrees can be earned through one of three colleges: The College of EngineeringThe College of Arts & Sciences, and The Fisher College of Business.

Freshmen who are enrolled in a flight laboratory or who have a student job at the airport are able to receive special permission to have a car on campus to travel to the airport.  In addition, Ohio State has contracted with a company called Car2Go.  This company owns a multitude of cars in the campus area for OSU students to use for a small charge.  Car2Go locations are spread across campus and offer students reliable way to commute to/from the airport.  To learn more please visit:

There is no public transportation available directly to the airport, but a COTA bus does stop at a shopping complex a half-mile from the airport. The walking route is through a subdivision lined with sidewalks.

Non-Degree Programs
In addition to degree programs, the university offers Non-Degree Programs to industry professionals and the general public. Some programs offered include: computer testing services; Cirrus standardization training; professional development programs; and flight instruction.

Want to know more?
Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to many commonly-asked questions. If you would like more information, please fill out and submit our Request Info form.

If you would like to become more familiar with The Ohio State University campus or The Ohio State University Airport, please do not hesitate to schedule a tour through the campus admissions website. Don’t want to travel? Virtual tours of campus are available.

Download the Center for Aviation Studies brochure here.

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