Flight Education

PrintThe Ohio State University offers Flight Education through degree and non-degree options.  Academic students may pursue their flight training as part of their coursework in the Professional Pilot Specialization, or can take advantage of their programs electives by taking the flight laboratories.  Ohio State offers its flight training under an FAA approved Part 141 curriculum.  This curriculum provides the students with a structured syllabus to learn from, and allows for monitoring of progress through each course.

Certificates and Ratings

Private Pilot

The private pilot’s license is earned over two courses: Aviation 2101 and 2102. In these flight labs, a student will learn the fundamentals of flight, airplane operations, and regulations necessary to achieve a private pilot’s license.

Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is earned over two flight labs: Aviation 3101. In these labs, a student will learn the fundamentals of instrument flight, regulations, and approaches. Completion of these two courses culminates in an instrument rating.

Commercial License

The commercial pilot’s license is earned over three flight labs: Aviation 2501, 4101, and 4301. During these flight labs, a student will build the time necessary for the commercial license as well as become proficient in commercial maneuvers, regulations, and operations.

Certified Flight Instructor

To become a Certified Flight Instructor, a student must complete one flight lab: Aviation 5101. Potential instructors learn how to most effectively teach students, as well as how to keep themselves and their students safe while learning. Completion of the flight lab results in the issuance of a certified flight instructor certificate.

Multi-Engine Rating

To obtain a multi engine rating, a student must complete Aviation 4301. This flight lab teaches students the principles of multi engine operations, engine out operations, regulations, maneuvers, and procedures. Completion of the flight lab results in the multi engine rating.

Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument

Completion of Aviation 5201 will enable a flight instructor to have instrument teaching privileges. During 5201, an instructor will learn the fundamentals of teaching instrument flight to potential students.

Certified Flight Instructor – Multi-Engine

Completion of Aviation 5102 allows an instructor to teach students in a multi engine aircraft.

Flight Slots
Students enrolled in the Professional Pilot program complete their flight training at The Ohio State University Airport. Students choose flight slots that are most compatible with their class schedule. A flight slot is 1.5 or 2 hours long, five days a week with opportunities to fly on weekends. A student’s flight slot is held at the same time each day with the same instructor, so it is easier to schedule around classes.



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