Drones & UAS in Switzerland

Itinerary Map - Zurich Lucerne Bern Lausanne Geneva

Upcoming Info Sessions 

Monday, November 28th - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM  on Zoom

@ go.osu.edu/droneinfosession - Password: 587590

Course Information

This program will explore the many facets of the drone and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) ecosystem by examining the state of the industry in Switzerland, a world innovation leader in this area. We will use Switzerland as a model from which to compare the relative levels of success and adoption that drones have found in Switzerland, the wider European Union and the United States. Our studies will examine the regulatory, cultural and economic factors that have led to the current state of the industry in each of these settings. Students will meet for one week prior to the travel experience to Switzerland. 

The program will be capped with a ten day immersive travel experience through Switzerland!
The group will engage with representatives from all corners of the industry including manufacturing, research and design, payload developers, academia, regulators, media producers and industry organizations. Additionally, a variety of cultural experiences are built into the itinerary to develop a context of place.

This program will travel sometime late May to early June.

By participating in this program, students will:

  1. develop understanding of the entire drone/UAS industry as a multi-faceted ecosystem that transcends industries
  2. build the ability to analyze the importance of multiple factors that can either spur or impede innovation and identify both opportunities and solutions
  3. Acquire increased respected for different perspectives and systems
  4. expand cross-cultural competencies and self-awareness of one's own cultural context 

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