AABI Accreditation

Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI)


The Ohio State University, Center for Aviation Studies has received accreditation for the following programs. Clicking on the names of each program will link to a document showing student achievement data for that particular program.





Program Education Goals

It is the intent of the faculty and staff of the Center for Aviation Studies that within the first few years after graduation: 


  • Graduates of the program will be employed in the aviation profession, or applying their aviation knowledge to their chosen career. 
  • Graduates, with an interest in advanced studies in aviation, will be pursuing, or have completed additional studies. 
  • Graduates will engage in life-long learning and apply new ideas and technology as the field of aviation evolves. 
  • Graduates will be informed, involved community members and responsible professionals. 


Accreditation is a system for recognizing educational institutions and/or their professional programs that achieve and maintain a level of performance, integrity and quality that entitles them to the confidence of the educational community, the industry, and the public they serve.

Accreditation has three fundamental purposes:

  • to ensure the quality of the institution or program
  • to assist in the improvement of the institution or program
  • to maintain relevance of education with the industry it serves

Additional information about AABI and the accreditation process can be found at www.aabi.aero.

Academic Assessment Plan

The Center for Aviation Studies has implemented a formalized assessment plan in order to evaluate all aspects of the academic programs.  This will ensure that students graduating from The Ohio State University have received the education neccarsary to succeed in the aviation industry.

The Academic Assessment Plan can be viewed here.

For questions contact:

Shannon McLoughlin Morrison, Ph.D.

240 Bolz Hall
2036 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH. 43210

Accreditation Process Timeline

January 2018

All five academic programs were accredited by AABI


Fall 2020

CAS will begin to write a new self-study report for AABI seeking re-accreditation of all academic programs.


Fall 2021

AABI will conduct a site visit at Ohio State in order to verify the contents of the self study report.


February 2022

All five academic programs will need reaffirmed prior to this date.