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Ohio State Air Race Classic Team

2020 Map Provided by ARCThe Women in Flight student organization established the first OSU Air Race Classic team in 2017 and have been competing every year since. The race course for this women's cross-country air race changes each year and the contestants are given four days, flying VFR in daylight hours, to reach the terminus. Each airplane is assigned a handicap speed – and the goal is to achieve an actual ground speed as far over the handicap speed as possible. The pilots are thus given the leeway to “play the elements”. Holding out for better weather, winds, etc., and the objective is to fly the "perfect" cross-country. 


For more information visit the Air Race Classic website.


2017 Air Race Classic Team2017 Air Race Classic TeamWomen's air racing started in 1929 with the Women's Air Derby. Twenty pilots raced from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, OH, site of the National Air Races.  The Air Race Classic follows a different route every year. The race route is chosen to present challenges to the racers, provide a variety of learning opportunities, and yet be within the endurance range of the slowest airplanes. Racers will experience changes in terrain, weather, winds, and airspace as they fly 2,600+ miles.

Previous Race Courses

Course Maps Provided by ARC

2019 Map Provided by ARC2019 Map Provided by ARC

2018 Map Provided by ARC

2017 Map Provided by ARC


Each year, the Women in Flight ARC team operates on a budget of about $7,000. The team depends on sponsorships and donations to compete. The funds go towards aircraft fuel, registration fees, and hotels during the race. Donations of any amount are very much appreciated and can be made through the websites listed in the right hand column.

Contact Information

Women in Flight President: Saeesha Pimplikar -

The Lady Buckeyes' advisor: Dr. Shannon Morrison -