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OSU student and instructor in flight

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The Ohio State University strives to provide high quality flight training for our current and future students, and the instructors and staff at Ohio State are dedicated to making you become the best possible pilot you can be.  

Ohio State manages a fleet of 20 aircraft, instructional staff of about 20 instructors, and approximately 134 students are currently enrolled in flight education at all different levels of training. Training takes place at The Ohio State University Airport, which is the third busiest airport in Ohio. This provides a level of complexity to flight training by allowing students the chance to train in a busy, controlled Class D airspace, so students gain real experience talking to air traffic control from the very beginning of their flight training.


For more information on the courses we teach and the aircraft we fly, please visit the following pages in this section:


For an overview of the flight courses, please visit https://aviation.osu.edu/students/courses

For an overview of flight training costs, please visit https://aviation.osu.edu/flight-training-costs

For an overview of The Ohio State University Airport, please visit https://aviation.osu.edu/students/osu-airport and https://osuairport.org/ohio-aerospace-aviation-campus