Flight Training Costs


Each Flight Laboratory Course has an associated laboratory fee that is added to the student's tuition statement when the class is added.  Once paid, that money is transferred into a debit account at the airport.  Each time an activity is completed, either flight lesson, ground lesson, or simulator lesson, the amount of the activity is automatically debited from the students account.  At the end of the course, whatever money is remaining, will be refunded back to the student.

When we designed the fee structure we researched the average amount of money that students spend while going through each of the courses.  We then overestimated the laboratory fee so that we were confident that 90% of the students would spend that amount or less to complete their flight laboratory. 

The average student will spend $49,508.05 to complete the professional pilot program with the Multi-engine option.  Or, if the student chooses to complete the program via the Certified Flight Instructor option, the average cost is $49,265.80

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