Ohio State aviation joins FAA’s collegiate drone training initiative

Posted: August 15, 2023
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Collegiate Training Certificate for Ohio State; includes an FAA logo

The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies is now a member of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) UAS Collegiate Training Initiative (CTI). Participation in the program will enhance recruitment efforts and create opportunities for Ohio State students and teaching staff in the rapidly expanding field of drones (UAS).

The center is home to a robust drone program, including courses, a certification program and for-cost flight services. Students from a variety of majors learn skills to prepare them for related jobs, with applications ranging from emergency response missions to aerial photography.

Drone Program Manager Mark Bolin is enthusiastic about how participation in the FAA UAS CTI could expand capabilities. “Their guidance and expertise on the drone rules and regulations will be much needed, as I foresee changes that they can help us prepare for,” he said.

According to the FAA UAS CTI’s website, participating institutions may engage with the FAA, post-secondary schools, government entities and other organizations. The twofold objective is to ensure that students graduate prepared to pursue a successful drone career and to expand the future aviation workforce.

Bolin expects Ohio State to benefit from FAA materials, technical support and educational initiatives, among a list of advantages. The opportunities will be open to both aviation staff and students.

Taking part in the program “also allows us to collaborate with the other colleges that are participating,” Bolin said. There are already over 100 colleges and universities that have applied and been accepted to the program. Participants are encouraged to co-develop and share best practices.

“Ohio State students are already excelling in the field of drones through our comprehensive program,” said Bolin. “I anticipate that future students will be able to enhance not only their skills, but also indirectly benefit from recruitment and networking opportunities through FAA UAS CTI.”

Students interested in learning more about the center’s drone program should email Bolin at bolin.98@osu.edu.

by Holly Henley, communications specialist, henley.53@osu.edu.

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