Research in airport arts programs receives two grants

Mac Lang

Mac Lang, a graduate student pursuing a master’s degree in city and regional planning, recently received two grants aimed at enhancing his aviation-related thesis research. He is advised by Center for Aviation Studies-affiliated faculty member Amber Woodburn McNair, assistant professor in the Knowlton School.

The Graduate Research Award by the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) supports graduate researchers with an interest in airport planning, policymaking, operation and design. Research funded by the award is intended to address practical challenges facing the aviation industry and find innovative solutions to advance the quality, safety and reliability of the United States civil aviation system. As part of the award, Lang will receive a $12,000 grant stipend, support from an advisory committee of industry experts and the opportunity to present his research at the national Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January 2025.

According to Woodburn McNair, the ACRP organization curates a specialized set of industry advisors to mentor each student winner. “The mentorship connections are especially helpful to early-career researchers,” she said.

A gift from Honda to The Ohio State University’s Sustainability Institute made Lang’s second award possible. He received a $5,000 sustainable aviation research grant from the institute. Lang was one of four graduate students and several capstone teams that received funds in support of sustainable aviation research and learning.

“It is wonderful to see Mac Lang receive these honors from ACRP and Ohio State,” Woodburn McNair commented. “He is a talented, dedicated and deserving student with a deep passion for airport infrastructure and air transportation policy.”

Lang is grateful to receive the awards. “They will allow me to explore my thesis research more in-depth and ensure that it has an impact on airport practitioners,” he said.

“The primary reason I chose to do my graduate study at Ohio State was to conduct meaningful aviation research with leading faculty like Dr. Woodburn McNair. I am very honored that those efforts have been recognized and supported by experts across the industry.”

Lang’s research will produce an industry-oriented analysis of best practices for incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into airport arts programs and institutional strategies to maximize their impact on the communities they serve.

by Holly Henley, based on original story by Knowlton School

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