Giving Back



Whether you are an alumni of the Department of Aviation or the Center for Aviation Studies, one thing unites us all; we are all Buckeyes who love airplanes!

The students going through the program today are just like you when you went through the program. They're excited about joining the industry and taking advantage of all the opportunities that it offers. They are also aware of the challenges that come along with a career in this industry, but their passion for aviation won't let them be detoured. Just as you were not detoured when you were in their shoes!  

Please consider giving back to the program that helped get you to where you are today.

Non-Monetary donations

Giving back does not have to involve donating money to support a scholarship or award. It could be as simple as being willing to have a conversation with a student who is interested in your particular field. Or you could volunteer your time and expertise to guest lecturer for a class.  

We are constantly looking for new connections so that our students can become exposed to the "real" industry and receive career coaching. If you would be willing to do any of these things, or if you have your own idea on how to grow and improve our program, please email Brian Strzempkowski at

Monetary donations 

If you would like to make a donation to our program or one of the student organizations please look at the funds listed below for more information. If you would like information on other ways in which you can support the program please email Brian Strzempkowski at


Michael F Engle Memorial Scholarship

Aviation Student Loan Fund

Women in Aviation Fund

Aviation Student Organizations Fund

Aviation Alumni Society Fund

Aviation Student Leadership Award Fund

Center for Aviation Studies Student - OSU Flight Team Fund

Tom R. Moorhead Memorial Fund for Alpha Eta Rho

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals