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Matthew Dreher

  • CAS Ground Course Instructor, Center for Aviation Studies
  • CAS Program Manager, Center for Aviation Studies
  • 238 Bolz Hall
    2036 Neil Ave.
    Columbus, OH 43210


Matt Dreher is the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Center for Aviation Studies. In this position, he is responsible for a wide range of projects including youth STEM outreach, outreach research, and recruitment strategy development.


Matt Started with Ohio State in March 2015 as a flight instructor in the University’s Flight Education Division. More recently he held the position of Assistant Chief Flight instructor and was tasked with managing the students within the Universities Flight Training Clinic. In November 2016, Matt made the move to the Center for Aviation Studies into his current position.


Matt holds a commercial pilot certificate with instrument privileges. He is additionally qualified as a Certified Flight Instructor and designated as an Assistant Chief Flight Instructor for the Ohio State University’s Flight Education Division. He is qualified to conduct intermediate stage checks for OSU’s private pilot and commercial certification courses and end of course checks for the private pilot certification course. He maintains currency by continuing to work with several flight students in his new role and conducting stage check flights.