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CNS Taskforce

It is predicted that by the year 2025 in the United States there will be a two to three fold increase in air traffic as compared to year 2003 levels. As such, the FAA, in partnership with industry, is currently in the process of completely redesigning the airspace and procedures with a focus on satellite-based technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), as compared
to the currently antiquated ground based systems. Direct routing will be more common, saving time and fuel, and also providing better arrival traffic flow and optimized descent profiles that allow for idle or near idle thrust settings throughout the descent. These benefits in both capacity enhancement and operator expense are all significant steps forward in addressing the
increasing challenge of moving today’s air traffic from point to point as quickly and safely as possible.

The CAS is playing a major role in helping with this effort. By participating strategically into one of the leading industry groups that is solving both current and future NextGen challenges, the CAS will be positioned to better help the industry while simultaneously providing the most insightful and highest level of education to our students. This industry group, known as the Communication, Navigation, Surveillance Task Force (CNS TF), is one of the largest industry
supported technology groups that has been charged with finding solutions to today’s most perplexing NextGen problems. Our participation with this industry group will allow the CAS to assist task force working groups with finding solutions to current NextGen challenges.

Additionally, our involvement will also enable us to bring real-time data and information regarding NextGen progress and implementation to our students and those within the College of Engineering.

For more information, please contact:

Shawn Pruchnicki, RPh, MS, ATP, CFII
Research Coordinator/Lecturer
Center for Aviation Studies
The Ohio State University
614-688-1660 office