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Drone services

Ohio State Drone Services

The Center for Aviation Studies offers its expertise and drone fleet to provide contract services for Ohio State campus and beyond. Drones offer a sky-high perspective which generate media that soar above traditional ground-based imagery, and can make businesses, departments or properties stand out.

Meet the fleet!

Our fleet consists of six different drones capable of performing a wide range of jobs to cover a variety of requests. Multiple quadcopter drones provide 4K or greater resolution for cinema and photography requests, while fixed-wing drones feature crop management, irrigation, mapping and 3D-modeling capabilities using LiDAR, RGB, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors.

Read campus statement on DJI drone restrictions and details on local data mode.

Small drones

Small drones are best for cinema and photography. In addition, they are great for small-scale 3D modeling of buildings, objects and small fields. Click through the below accordion list to read specifications and suggested applications.

Consider small drones for projects such as:

  • Small-scale mapping
  • Building inspections
  • 3D autonomous scanning
  • Initial drone training and maintenance

Small drone fleet

Fixed-wing drones

Drones in this category are ideal for mapping. Their speed and efficiency are useful for capturing large amounts of data for a variety of applications.

Fixed-wing drones are useful for:

  • Mapping fields, quarries and urban areas
  • Construction planning
  • Agricultural data collection

List of fixed-wing drones

Heavy-lift drones

Equipped to accomplish a range of missions, heavy lift drones combine advanced sensors with strength.

Consider engaging heavy-lift drones for the following topic areas:

  • Forest research
  • Agricultural projects
  • Cinematography

List of heavy-lift drones


General flights

All fees subject to change.

  Alta X WingtraOne Gen II Autel Max 4T Skydio S2/Phantom 4
Cost per flight $206.63 $205.34 $156.73 $87.46
Minutes per flight 25 42 40 22
Cost per location $50 $25 $25 $25
Pre-/Post-planning* $30 $30 $30 $30
Mileage** 80 cents 80 cents 80 cents 80 cents

Example cost estimates for mapping flights

Flights shown are comparisons for capturing data for 30 acres (48 miles round trip) or 300 acres (191 miles round trip).

  Alta X (30 acres) Alta X (300 acres) WingtraOne (30 acres) WingtraOne (300 acres)
Number of flights 1 20 1 1
Project length (hours:minutes:seconds)*** 0:14:10 11:00:00 0:08 00:40:00
Flight cost $206.63 $5,578.88 $205.34 $205.34
Cost per location $50 $50 $25 $25
Pre-/Post-planning* $60 $60 $30 $30
Mileage** $38.40 $152.80 $38.40 $152.80
Total $355.03 $5,841.68 $298.74 $413.14

* Pre- and post-mission planning process per flight
** Cost per miles driven from campus to destination
*** Flight time subject to change

Next steps

For questions, or to initiate a service request, please email drone Program Manager Mark Bolin at

Note: For campus flights initiated on behalf of a drone services customer, the Center for Aviation Studies will submit the required campus flight request form and campus police notification.