Safety Analysis for General Aviation or SAGA, is a multiyear effort to develop a mechanism to analyze and disseminate de-identified flight data to participants and aviation safety researchers.  Ohio State (both aviation and ISE) is working in collaboration with Purdue and Georgia Tech to develop a database that will satisfy these needs.

Our long-term overall objective is to identify and develop innovative ways to significantly and demonstrably reduce GA risk. The emergence of low cost devices for recording flight data means that data recording abilities previously only financially viable to commercial operators are now accessible to many GA pilots and operators. We propose to use SAGA and other data sources like the NTSB database and ADS-B data to identify and evaluate risks, propose interventions, and monitor intervention effectiveness. For the second year of the PEGASAS SAGA project special emphasis will be placed on the direct and measurable impact that research efforts and products have on reducing GA accident rates.

In the figure above, data from a flight shows the depth of information available. The SAGA team is now trying to develop practical and useful database interfaces as to enable users throughout the industry excellent access to the raw data within from the entire GA industry. For example – see the real time flight path and data display that can be discovered when searching any potential database.


As just an example, users might include chief flight instructors, chief maintenance technicians, FAA analyst, NTSB analyst, not to mention flight instructors and students. All of whom support members of the flight and safety community that support GA operations. Access to such a wealth of data that can be presented in usable forms open up numerous possibilities including trend monitoring, safety analysis, better flight instruction and overall general aviation industry safety improvements


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Seth Young, Ph.D., A.A.E., CFI
McConnell Chair of Aviation and Director
Center for Aviation Studies
The Ohio State University
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Shawn Pruchnicki, RPh, MS, ATP, CFII
Research Coordinator/Lecturer
Center for Aviation Studies
The Ohio State University
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