The Center for Aviation Studies Student Association (CASSA) is comprised of members and leaders from all the aviation student organizations (Alpha Eta Rho, AMO, Women in Flight, OBAP, NGPA, Flight Team). CASSA acts as a platform for the aviation student organizations to collaborate on larger shared events and programs to engage the student body. In addition, the organization serves to bridge the gap between the Center for Aviation Studies and the student body by providing a medium to discuss students concerns and gather feedback. This is demonstrated through events like Fall Kickoff, a fun-filled evening to allow for new and current students to meet one another, get introduced to the aviation student orgs that they can get involved with, and network with industry experts and alumni. Other programs include student mentorship, social events, guest speaker series, field trips etc. These programs are all a result of student feedback taken throughout the year. CASSA always strives to improve the student experience, so all ideas to strengthen our mission are encouraged to be shared.



Our membership consists of all the leadership heads for each aviation student organization and any other motivated aviation students. In addition, there is a dedicated CASSA leadership team comprised of the President, Event Coordinator, Student Engagement Lead, Organization Relations Lead, and the Communications Lead. This leadership team is charged with setting up and leading the monthly meetings with the organization heads (Flight Team, AHP, AMO, Women in Flight, OBAP, and NGPA). These meetings provide a mechanism for the student orgs to plan collaboratively, share ideas, and provide a means for student concerns and/or comments to reach the Center’s administration.

If you are a student interested in being a part of this organization, please reach out to the President (contact information below).


President: Christian Studt

Advisor: Matt Dreher: