Engineering Application to the Aviation Major

To view the application to the Aviation Major. please visit

If you wish to also apply to one of the other majors within the College of Engineering, please visit

The application window is now open, and the deadline to applying to your major is Feb 26. All applications will be reviewed at the close of the spring 2021 semester. In order to be eligible for the Aviation major, grades must be posted for the following courses:

Aviation 2000 and 2100
Eng 1100 (or equivalent)
Eng 1181 and 1182, or Eng 1186, 1187, and 1188, OR Eng 1281 and 1282
Math 1151 and 1152/1172 OR equivalent
English 1110
Physics 1250

Please note on your application if you are applying to other majors, as our decision process is a bit different.