Restricted ATP Certifying Document

Eligibility Requirements

The Center for Aviation Studies has been granted permission by the FAA to certify our graduates for Restricted Airline Transport Pilot minimums (RATP).  To be eligible for the RATP certifying document you must meet the following criteria:

  • Received a Bachelors degree in Aviation from The Ohio State University 
  • Taken and passed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours of approved aviation courses (see below)
  • Received a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating from The Ohio State University Part 141 flight school

Minimum Credit Hour Requirement

ATP minimums require a pilot to have logged 1,500 flight hours. 

  • Those who have successfully earned between 30-59 semester credit hours of approved aviation course work, as well as met the other two conditions above, are eligible for a 250 flight hour reduction thereby making them eligible for the RATP at 1,250 flight hours.
  • Those that have taken 60, or more, semester credit hours of approved aviation course work will qualify for a 500 flight hour reduction, which makes them eligible for the RATP at 1,000 flight hours.

RATP Letter of Authorization

The Letter of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to The Ohio State University can be viewed here. This letter contains all of the parameters that must be adhered to in order to issue an RATP Certifying Document. 


Download the RATP Application for a complete list of approved aviation courses.  Fill out the application indicating the semester and year of when you took each course.  Submit the application to C.A. Wade at along with the address you would like the certifying document mailed to.

Please note that courses taught under the quarter system are listed on the second page of the application, and the associated credit hours have been converted to the semester system.

Verification process

After submitting an RATP application, a Flight Education representative will audit the applicants training records to ensure 141 compliance. The application will then be audited by a CAS representative who will compare it against the applicants transcripts to ensure all coursework is correct.  Once that is completed, a certificate will be created and signed by the Dean of the College of Engineering, and will then be mailed to the applicant.  Under normal circumstances, this process should take about 10-14 business days, depending on the mail system.