Academic Programs

The Center for Aviation Studies provides students at The Ohio State University with three Aviation degree plans. Below is more information about the degree plans and what differentiates them. Students looking to obtain a Professional Pilot Certificate can choose either the Arts and Sciences Air Transportation degree or the College of Engineering Aviation Engineering degree. For more information about the Professional Pilot Certification visit the Flight Education website under Academic Flight Lab

Our three Academic Degree Programs: 

  1. Bachelor of Science in Aviation, College of Engineering 

  • The most technical - designed to provide skills in analytics and problem solving. 

  • Students will need to enroll in several additional engineering courses. 

  • Students should be comfortable with advanced calculus, science, engineering, and more technical subjects. 

  • Careers: Flight instructor, regional airline pilot, air traffic controller, training department, analyst, scheduler, airport planning and airport business manager. 

  • Students can obtain the Professional Pilot Certification through this degree. 

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences: Air Transportation, College of Arts & Sciences 

  • This is a liberal arts-based degree - students will receive a broad understanding of how aviation affects and is affected by social forces like the economy, international relations, and government policy. 

  • Students will take courses in aviation, geography, and other social science courses. 

  • Courses in this degree path are not as technical and business centered like the other degree plans.  

  • Careers: Professional pilot, flight instructor, flight dispatcher, airport operations planner, safety inspector, accident investigator and airport director. 

  • Students can obtain the Professional Pilot Certification through this degree. 

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Aviation Management, Fisher College of Business 

  • Business Administration degree with a specialization in Aviation Management 

  • Students will enroll in additional business courses through the Fisher College of Business. 

  • Careers: Airport operations, aircraft records, business analyst, planning and noise analyst. 

  • Students are NOT able to enroll into the Professional Pilot Certification.