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Aircraft Dispatch Careers

Aircraft dispatchers perform crucial functions for airline operations. Working in an airline’s control center, they conduct essential pre-flight, inflight and post-flight tasks – including flight planning, weather evaluation, interfacing with flight crews and connecting with air traffic control towers – to ensure flights arrive safely and as scheduled. Students who aspire to work as aircraft dispatchers must obtain a Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification and pass related Federal Aviation Administration certification exams, among other requirements. The below Ohio State courses meet the requirements for the Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification and are also intended to prepare students to take the FAA’s Dispatcher Certification Knowledge Test (written and practical exams).

Flight dispatchers working at a desk and wearing headsets

Course Enrollment Requirements

In order to complete the Aircraft Dispatch Program at Ohio State, two dedicated dispatch courses need to be taken in sequence: Aircraft Dispatch Fundamental and Applied Dispatching. The first course is offered each autumn semester, and the second course is offered in the spring. There are prerequisites for each course. Instructor permission is required for enrollment in both courses. Current students should refer to Buckeyelink for the instructor contact information in order to request permission.

Prerequisites for Aircraft Dispatch Fundamentals (must pass all prerequisites by 80%)

  • AVN 2100 Private Pilot Fundamentals
  • AVN 2300 Aircraft Performance and Weather

Prerequisites for Applied Aircraft Dispatch

  • Complete Aircraft Dispatch Fundamentals with a minimum of 80%

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