The Center for Aviation Studies offers students across campus a unique opportunity for exposure to the aviation field through completion of a minor. Many students in aeronautical and astronautical engineering will minor in aviation to gain a hands-on understanding of the aircraft that they design. If a student in any field wants to work in the aviation industry as a finance manager, scheduler, operations manager or airport planner, a minor in aviation is highly recommended. 

The minor in aviation consists of a minimum of 17 credit hours of required and elective course work as listed below. It does not have an application process. A student needs to file a Minor Program Form with their academic advisor or college office prior to starting the 3000-level or higher aviation courses. Some courses in this minor may have prerequisites. Consult the course bulletin before enrolling in courses. 


At this time, due to the overwhelming demand for the Professional Pilot Certification, Aviation minors are not currently being accepted into Academic Flight Labs. 

Aviation Minor Curriculum Sheet


Image of the aviation minor overview sheet. Can be read in PDF style by clicking image.