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The College of Arts & Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences: Air Transportation.

This degree is a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences offered by the Department of Geography.  The program provides students a broad understanding of how aviation affects and is affected by social forces like the economy, international relations, and government policy.   The major is a combination of aviation courses, geography courses, and other social science classes.  The program provides preparation for a variety of careers within the aviation industry.  This is a liberal arts based degree, so if you wish to pursue an aviation career or become a professional pilot, but are not comfortable with the study of physics, calculus and engineering; or business logistics, finance and accounting, this may be the degree for you. More detailed information on specific classes our Air Transportation students take can be found below.


BA Social Sciences Air Transportation Curriculum Sheet


The Professional Pilot Specialization results in students obtaining a commercial pilot certificate and instrument rating, and either a multi-engine rating or a flight instructor certificate.  Careers for our graduates include flight instruction, charters, regional and national airlines, fractional operators, industrial aviation, business aviation, cargo aviation, and other specialized flying.

Student Achievement Data

The student achievement data for this major can be viewed on the AABI Accreditation page. This data is provided to AABI in order to affirm our accreditation status.

Graduation requirements 

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To meet the graduation requirements for the PROFESSIONAL PILOT SPECIALIZATION, students must complete their private pilot, instrument, and commercial training. After these requirements are met, students have a choice to complete either their multi-engine or certified flight instructor training.