Virtual Reality Flight Simulation at The Ohio State University

Student using a virtual reality flight simulator headset with multiple monitors in the background.

Virtual Reality Flight Simulation (VRFS) at The Ohio State University is an organization comprised of dedicated students and faculty that work towards the shared goal of creating virtual reality-capable computers for students to use as a supplemental option towards flight training. The components that these machines consist of are constantly being researched and modified in order to create the most powerful, cost-effective solution for students as possible.

As a member of this organization, students have the ability to contribute in several ways. From researching the latest and greatest computer hardware and virtual reality headsets, to software development and scripting, all the way to hardware design and manufacture, the possibilities for growth in this organization are effectively endless. As a fairly new student organization, we are still very heavily in the development phase of our systems and are experimenting with several types of machine configurations, VR hardware and external peripherals. As our needs as an organization are extremely diverse, we welcome and encourage students from any major to get involved, no aviation experience required.

Our meetings are every other Thursday at The Ohio State Airport Simulator Room at 5:00pm during the semester.

For more information, please feel free to join the GroupMe or reach out to the current president or advisor.


President: Noah Pattan,

Advisor: Mason Clouse,