At The Ohio State University students can earn an Aviation degree through one of the Center of Aviation Studies’ various degree programs. While we do not have one specific degree program dedicated to flight, students can choose between the Arts and Sciences Air Transportation degree with the Professional Pilot specialization, or the College of Engineering Aviation Engineering degree with the same Professional Pilot specialization. What's the difference? Read on!

Our three academic degree programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation, College of Engineering -
    • This degree is the most technical of all three degrees, and is designed to give students the skills they need to think analytically and be able to problem solve. In addition to the Aviation core classes, students will enroll in Engineering classes, which consists of higher levels of math and science as well as technical courses. A foreign language is not required for this degree track. If you wish to become a professional pilot (or not - you don't have to) and are comfortable with advanced calculus, science, engineering, and more technical subjects, this could be the degree for you. Click on the title above for more specific curriculum information.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences: Air Transportation, College of Arts & Sciences
    • This degree is a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences offered by the Department of Geography.  The program provides students a broad understanding of how aviation affects and is affected by social forces like the economy, international relations, and government policy.  The major is a combination of aviation courses, geography courses, and other social science classes. The program provides preparation for a variety of careers within the aviation industry.  This is a liberal arts based degree, so if you wish to pursue an aviation career or become a professional pilot, but are not comfortable with the study of physics, calculus and engineering; or business logistics, finance and accounting, this may be the degree for you. Click on the above link for more detailed information on the Social Sciences Air Transportation degree.
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Aviation Management, Fisher College of Business
    • This degree is a Business Administration degree through the Fisher College of Business, and students on this path graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Aviation Management Specialization. As such, they are not able to enroll in flight classes through our Flight Education program. Students enrolled in this path are required to take the Business core courses which consist of accounting, finance, and economics. Click on the above link for more detailed information on the Business Administration degree with Aviation Management Specialization.
  • Aviation Minor
    • The Aviation Minor consists of at least 17 credit hours of Aviation courses, with Aviation 2000, 2100, and 3000 required for all minor students. 

A Professional Pilot Specialization can be added to the Air Transportation and Aviation Engineering majors and provides students a way to earn their Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating, and then gives them the option to continue for either the Certified Flight Instructor or Multi-Engine Rating prior to graduation. Students MUST be in one of these majors to enroll in any flight labs offered through The Ohio State University.

John Glenn speaking to an aviation class
John Glenn speaking to an aviation class