Pilot Narratives




Aviation is full of stories both good and bad that have shaped the landscape of the industry.  Below you will find some interesting links that provide some of these stories.  



Pilot to Pilot Podcast 

Pilot to Pilot is a podcast developed by an OSU Aviation Alumni. Its goal is to give a glimpse into the world of being a professional pilot, and talk about what it takes to be successful. 



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Aircrew Interview 

Aircrew Interview features full-length interviews with pilots and navigators of historic and modern day aircraft; as well as supplemental ‘technical’ videos on its YouTube channel.

Some of the interviewees are: 

  • David Gledhill (F-4 Phantom nav)
  • Rick Peacock-Edwards (Tornado F2/F3 pilot)
  • Rich Graham (SR-71 Blackbird pilot)
  • Roger Cruickshank (Typhoon)
  • Michael Napier (Tornado GR1 pilot and author)
  • John Hutchinson (BA Concorde captain)

Aircrew Interview Website

Youtube Channel