Transportation to the Airport

Personal Car

The majority of our students will drive their personal car to and from the Ohio State Airport, and this is the recommended mode of transportation. The drive is about 7 miles and takes around 20 minutes. Traditionally freshman are not able to purchase a parking permit to park their car on campus, however the Center for Aviation Studies can issue those students a waiver so that they are able to purchase a parking pass. CampusParc issues the student parking passes, and there is an additional fee for this pass. More information can be found on the CampusParc website at


The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) does offer bus service from main campus to a shopping plaza about 1 mile from the OSU Airport.  This service is free for Ohio State students, as it is incorparated into tuition. However, please note that this option will require additional travel time, and is not generally recommended except as a last resort.